Bringing productivity from textual data

As powerful and simple as Excel but for textual data
Turn 10 000 Excel lines into business opportunities in half a day
Analyze hundreds of texts in 2 clicks
Cobbai's artificial intelligence let you get the most of your texts (topics extraction, sentiment analysis, intent detection, custom models). No more redundant tasks with low added value.
Automate the analysis of recurring problems
Visualize in real time your quality perfomance
Interact with texts as easy as with numbers
Merge, Link, Destroy, Create. Possibilities are Endless for you to build the rights Insight and get the most value for your daily tasks.
Get everyone to agree
Target topics that will benefit the most your company and launch the right action plans
Identify economic priorities at a glance

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Quick results

Automate up to 90% of text analysis and processing tasks
Save money
Reduce your operating costs by upto 20%
Build synergies among your collaborators

How we help our users

Barthélémy Kiss, COO at
Thanks to Cobbaï, we easily understand the nature of the thousands of public discussions that take place on Powder in order to improve our product.

Cobbaï allows us to qualify thousands of textual data present on our platform in just a few clicks. This enables us to precisely qualify trends which leads to concrete product actions (development of new functionalities).
It's easier than Excel just to manage 100 Excel rows of texts. Thanks to Cobbaï, I could deep dive into Sanofi's digital projects in few minutes
Samuel Pechenart, Portfolio Management Team at Sanofi
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