The solution to monetize text in the industry

Boost quality and improve your competitiveness
The best technology on the market to understand industrial textual content
Reducing quality costs post-Covid19
Discover for free how to drastically reduce your quality costs and accelerate your economic recovery after Covid-19.
Cobbaï shares its know-how and gives you the secrets of its BATH method.
Automate the analysis of recurring problems
Cobbai's artificial intelligence analyzes thousands of non-conformities reports, machine breakdowns or customer claims to identify which types of problems are recurring. No more redundant tasks with low added value.
Visualize in real time your quality perfomance
KPIs are updated in real time so that you can evaluate the performance of your quality, maintenance and after-sales services actions and make the right decisions at any time. Stop with endless reporting preparation work !
Identify economic priorities at a glance
Target topics that cost you the most. Launch continuous improvement programs that will save the maximum of money.

A fast ROI

Automate up to 90% of quality analysis and processing tasks
Save money
Reduce your quality costs by up to 20%.
Turn the digital solution into profit in just 10-15 weeks

What industry players were facing before Cobbaï!

I am having troubles to identify my most painful recurrent problems... and prioritize them
Head of Quality, Aeronautic industry
We reinvent the wheel each time we solve a new problem
Manager in the Space industry
It takes too long to understand the problem and identify the adequate resources to solve it
Factory manager in the Automotive industry
It’s a real challenge to follow the progression on our current task forces and monitor their success
Head of Department in the Energy sector
Try the solution with your own data
Speed up right now!


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