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A SaaS solution designed to turn quality into everyone's business. Capitalize knowledge. Understand your pains. Improve your quality!

Global. Pragmatic. Collaborative. Innovative.

x 10
quicker to solve problems
- 20%
non-quality cost reduction
+ 30%
more efficient teams

Turn milions of reports & texts into a valuable know-how

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An AI specialized in text analysis to understand your data & prioritize your work

A software to improve your team efficiency & secure your targets

A personal assistant that brings answers when you need a solution

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Quality is one of your top priorities

Lost under huge amount of data

“I am having troubles to identify my most painful recurrent problems... and prioritize them”

Pierre-Emmanuel, Head of Quality, Aeronautic industry

Painful to capitalize knowledge

“We reinvent the wheel each time we solve a new problem”

Laura, Manager in the Space industry

Unable to solve problems quickly enough

“It takes too long to understand the problem and identify the adequate resources to solve it”

Tiago, Factory manager in the Automotive industry

Hard to get the big picture

“It’s a real challenge to follow the progression on our current task forces and monitor their success”

Etienne, Head of Department in the Energy sector

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