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Plug & Play
Connect your current system
We offer a secure API to connect Cobbaï to your databases and your ERP. Benefit from the power of a SaaS solution to boost your quality.

A modular digital solution

Choose the module combination that suits your needs
Cobbaï Core
Cob Advisor
Cob Team
Cobbaï Core
Target topics that cost the most. Launch continuous improvement projects that will save maximum of money.
Cob Advisor
Accelerate non-conformities, breakdowns or customer claims generation. Find out in a few clicks what solutions to be deployed to deal with the problem at its root.
Cob Team
Improve teamwork and secure goals with a collaborative workspace designed to accelerate problem solving.
Artificial Intelligence
Enhance your texts with AI
AI saves time. It aggregates unstructured data. It finds the right information. No more ungrateful tasks. Focus on problem solving.

Features for everybody

Factory director Performance KPIs are automatically generated. You can measure your organization's quality, maintenance and service performance in real time.
Department director View in real time the top 10 priorities that cost the most. Guide teams towards the direction that will drastically reduce costs.
Technician Automate non-conformities, machine breakdowns or customer feedbacks analysis. Cobbaï says stop to low added value tasks. Focus on problem solving
Operator Report any encountered problems in a few clicks. No more incomprehensible forms. Cobbai's virtual assistant asks you the right questions. Better still, it provides you with solutions to unblock you in your daily work.

A polyglot AI

Connect factories around the world
Reduce costs on a large scale. Take advantage of each of your different production sites experience.
A user-friendly digital solution
The interface is available from your smartphone, tablet or computer. Stay as close as possible to the action while making the right decisions.
Try the solution with your own data
Speed up right now!


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