Plug & Play. Fully modular. Better together.

Cobbaï offers complementary modules to finally improve your quality with a specialized textual AI at its core. They’re powerful alone — but even better used together.

Cobbaï Core

A specialized AI in textual analysis to finally understand your quality data and prioritize your work.

  • Mapping of the main topics
  • Comparative analysis (sites, products…)
  • Similar problem detection
  • Multilingual data analysis

Cob Advisor

Cob Advisor

An assistant that finds you relevant root causes, solutions & experts to eradicate your problems faster

  • Chatbot
  • Report generation
  • Knowledge base
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Cob Team

Cob Team

A software to improve your team efficiency and secure your targets

  • Tasks management
  • Team workspace
  • Customer reports
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What is Cobbaï?

A plug & play SaaS application

Adopt a ready to use SaaS solution (Software as a Service) conceived to feet your need. Our AI based solution can also interact with your existing systems through API.

A customizable solution

Select the relevant features amongst our building blocks. Design a fitted solution to address your pains.

A customer-focused mindset

Stay confident as we focus on our customers success. We ensure that everyone is on board and adapt our solutions to your needs.

Cobbaï Core

Non-quality analysis & prioritization

Prioritize issues

  • Algorithms that pick most relevant past issues to solve current ones
  • An AI that spots most impacting recurrent issues
non quality - recurrent issues
non quality - chatbot

Identify similar issues

  • Algorithms that help you find similar issues in your company (multi-sites, multi-products, multi-languages)

Cob advisor

Recommend action plans

non quality - team recommandation

A chatbot to accelerate workgroup setups

  • A recommendation engine to speed-up problems solving:

    - Build the dream team

    - Chose the best methodology

    - Identify root-causes and solutions leads

Extract complete roadmap

  • An enriched roadmap to guide your operationnal teams
non quality - problem recommandation

Cob team

Monitor workgroups and capitalize

non quality - workgroups list

Follow workgroups progress

  • An intuitive interface to follow your workgroups progress
  • Dedicated workspaces for each team (methodologies, recommendation engine, action follow-up...)
  • A module to capitalize company knowledge

Browse dashboards

  • Customizable dashboards with real-time updates
  • A notification system to secure plannings
  • Exportable reports for top management and clients
non quality - KPI



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