Cobbaï, Collaborative Artificial Intelligence

Allow collaboration between Human Intelligence & Artificial Intelligence to tackle industrial challenges !

The founding team

Cobbaï was founded by a team with multi-year experience in industrial competitiveness
Edouard, CEO
Guillaume, Technology
Théobald, Sales & Product

Where do we want to take the industry?

Leveraging competences in both industrial & computing sectors, Cobbaï aims at turning AI into concrete results so that industrials remain competitive.
Artificial Intelligence won’t replace Human Intelligence. Cobbaï is an opportunity for your company to start a smooth collaboration between artificial and human intelligence. We aim at building strong sustainable relationships with our customers to ensure industrial-fitted SaaS (Software As A Service) solutions.
We design pragmatic & result-oriented solutions to tackle “on-field-observed” problems (non-quality, maintenance, after-sales..). Cobbaï AI turns your past data into valuable knowledge which ensures quick wins & sustainable improvements.



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