Our direction
From fuzzy texts to clear & unanimous priorities
Our main goal is to transform your text into business opportunities. To get the most of your textual data, we bring a disruptive & simple way of interacting with thousands of texts.
Under-controlled quality at lower costs
Survey analysis
Social media listening
Recurring topics extraction
Product and processes flaws detection
Backlog prioritization
Technical reports analysis
Teams are already struggling with 100 Excel rows of texts
Texts are in the "hard to analyze data" category. They are by nature easy to understand but very complex to analyze if you have more than 100 of them. Our brain is unfortunately limited to handle such tasks. To remove this curse, a new way of interacting with texts is required. Cobbaï developed a solution to let you use textual data as easy as you handle figures with Excel.
Textual Data

A new goldmine

Thousands of texts and reports are generated in your organization
Customer service
Tech & E-commerce
Customer care
Product development
after sales
Data crunching
Working sessions
Cobbaï , the best technology on the market for understanding industrial textual data
Cobbaï , the best technology on the market for understanding textual data
Unlike machine data, users reviews,reports, non-conformities declarations or customer claims are unstructured data. To exploit them, it is necessary to use an artificial intelligence specialized in language analysis that understands a specific jargon. Cobbaï is specialized in the analysis & interaction with textual content.

Less effort, more results

1000 times more texts analyzed on average
20% operating cost reduction
90% of analyzing tasks automated
2 weeks return on investment
Try the solution with your own data
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