Our direction
Under-controlled quality at lower costs
We support the digital transformation of manufacturers by improving their quality performance.
Under-controlled quality at lower costs
Detect recurrences
Consolidate costs
Identify economic priorities
Measure performance in real time
Enter interventions
Reporting breakdowns
Industry struggles to reduce quality costs
The products are more and more complex. Development times are shorter. Customers are more demanding. Non-conformities are generated by thousands throughout the company's value chain. What are the recurring problems? How much does it cost? What is my quality performance? Is my data reliable? How can I answer these questions if I don't have the right tools?
Textual Data

A new goldmine

Thousands of issues and reports are generated along the value chain
root cause
machine documentation
after sales
Industrial Expertise
Knowledge of industrial challenges
The Cobbaï team, specialized in improving industrial competitiveness, has developed the Cobbaï solution in contact with industry players in order to best respond to the specific challenges of each sector. (aeronautics, naval, automotive, energy, space, railway, chemistry)
Knowledge of industrial challenges
Cobbaï , the best technology on the market for understanding industrial textual data
Cobbaï , the best technology on the market for understanding industrial textual data
Unlike machine data, which is encrypted, the thousands of technical reports, non-conformities declarations or customer claims are unstructured data. To exploit them, it is necessary to use an artificial intelligence specialized in language analysis that understands industrial jargon. Cobbaï is specialized in the analysis of industrial textual content.
Tailored Solution
A digital solution fitting your transformation
Cobbaï supports you in your digital transformation. We enable your employees to collaborate simply and efficiently with artificial intelligence. No more low value-added tasks! Yes to advanced quality digitalization!
A digital solution fitting your transformation

Impact over your organization

1000 times more problems analyzed on average
1000 times non-quality cost reduction
90% of analyzing tasks automated
12 weeks return on investment
Try the solution with your own data
Speed up right now!


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