Improve your quality, with AI

A digital collaborator to seize control of your quality!

Global. Pragmatic. Collaborative. Innovative.

Nowadays, quality has many faces. Make the most of AI to enhance your operational excellence system.

Non-quality eradication

Connect all your factories and experts around the world to solve problems faster once and for all. The language barrier is not an excuse anymore. Understand what are your most painful topics among thousands of non-conformities reports. You can now, launch the right continuous improvement workgroups.
Don’t worry you’ll get recommendations along the way (potential root causes, solutions or best practices...).

Maintenance improvement

One machine is down at your bottleneck. Again! What should you do to get the production line back on track? So many questions, technicians have already answered through their thousands of maintenance reports. Our digital collaborator helps you get your machines operational and alerts you on the most painful breakdowns.
You can take the right actions and prevent any future failures!

Customer claims management

Connect to all your, stores or customers to get feedback or claims on your products or services. Behind thousands of customers reports, find out what are your main improvement opportunities and take actions to make sure your customers end up satisfied.
Don’t worry you’ll get recommendations along the way (solutions, best practices...).

Collaborative innovation

Connect all your people and factories around the world. Incentivise everyone to share their daily improvements or new ideas to build a strong and easy-to-access knowledge base of your company. Find out which promising ideas are hiding behind thousands of data so you can effectively steer your innovation.
Don’t worry our digital collaborator will help you along your way to success!

Plug & Play. Fully modular. Better together.

Cobbaï offers complementary modules to finally improve your quality with a specialized textual AI at its core. They’re powerful alone — but even better used together.

Cobbaï Core

A specialized AI in textual analysis to finally understand your quality data and prioritize your work.

  • Mapping of the main topics
  • Comparative analysis (sites, products…)
  • Similar problem detection
  • Multilingual data analysis

Cob Advisor

Cob Advisor

An assistant that finds you relevant root causes, solutions & experts to eradicate your problems faster

  • Chatbot
  • Report generation
  • Knowledge base
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Cob Team

Cob Team

A software to improve your team efficiency and secure your targets

  • Tasks management
  • Team workspace
  • Customer reports
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You are working in a manufacturing industry and quality improvement is one of your top priorities.


Lost under huge amount of data

I am having troubles to identify my most painful recurrent problems... and prioritize them

Paul, Head of Quality in the Aeronautic industry


Unable to solve problems quickly enough

It takes too long to understand the problem and identify the adequate resources to solve it

Arthur, Factory manager in the Automotive industry


Painful to capitalize knowledge

We reinvent the wheel each time we solve a new problem

Emma, Manager in the Space industry


Hard to get the big picture

It’s a real challenge to follow the progression on our current task forces and monitor their success

Laura, Head of Department in the Energy sector

Cobbaï is for you

See Cobbaï in action

Cobbaï Core

Our Core solution will give you all the insights you absolutely need before launching the right task force ! Your work is prioritized and you’ll invest resources on the right topics !

Cob Advisor

You are stucked with a problem and absolutely need some answers ? Our Advisor will provide you with all you need to help you reduce your non-quality.

Cob Team

You want things to be done ! Once for all ! Our Team module is designed to let you manage all your workgroups and lead them to success !



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